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I love taking pictures. It's that simple...

Since I was a teenager, I have been fascinated by the ability photography gives me... to capture a moment in time and freeze it. To have that moment to re-live over and over again. Be it a portrait of a couple sharing a kiss, a early morning sunrise at a beach, the backlit frame of a bridge against a cloudy sky, or even the shape of the human body as the light careeses it..... it is what I love to to.

Living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, I have become very keen on how the environment and nature can add to a photo. Rugged coastlines and beaches, the bright colors of autumn, the snows of winter, and the clear blue summer skys have always influenced me and the way I shoot. But I also find that the studio gives me more control and lets the creativity flow.

Every shot I take I am learning. It never ends. You cannot hope to learn it all, and sometimes the mistakes , or "boo boos" as I like to call them, can be pieces of Art in their own right. It is such a wonderful medium to work in. And as the techology improves, it forces me to improve as well.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy "the art of my eye" as much as I enjoyed taking them

Charles (Charlie or Chuck) Plant

This site, and all that I do, is dedicated to my biggest supporters and fans..... my family